Christmas Greetings

Okay, so it might not quite be the Queen’s speech here on today, on this most laziest of days we call Christmas! (Unless, of course you’re Mum, then were certain it’s far from a lazy day!!) God bless Mums! Ya really gotta love em………….Big up!

Anyway, this is our very own Christmas greeting to anyone who may have sneaked onto the world wide web whilst hanging round waiting for the servings of turkey and stuffing or who like us, are getting on in the world, as Santa doesn’t leave the Christmas booty like he used to!! (He’s getting tighter in his old age!) which means only one thing, nothing much left to do once the last of the super comfy socks have been peeled outta a well sealed wrapping paper!! But of course, it’s the thought that counts, and so here we go: Sending our very own Christmas day wishes to all you lovely people on the world wide web:

From all of the lads in Kascarade WE wish YOU a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS full of LOVE, JOY and HOPE for you and yours everywhere!!

We’ll be back before the years out, to share our thoughts on 2012, and to tell you lovely folks what’s coming up in Kascarade’s world in the not too distant future. For now friends; keep catching the groove. LOVE, LIFE & LAUGHTER to all – Kas xxx