Four more sleeps

Hello again and thanks for coming back and reading our latest blog!

Golden here!!

In our last blog we mentioned about our showcase gig with the Yorkshire Gig guide at Factory Street Studio, unfortunately we had to postpone the gig until the new year, the injury I had to my back went on a little longer that it was expected, With us planning to be in the studio from the 22nd November, for our next lot off recordings, the timescale for us preparing the new songs in time for the studio and preparing the set for the gig was just a bit too much to do!We want the gig to be as magic as possible!

But I am much better now if you’re shouting that at the laptop 🙂

Fear not the gig will go ahead sometime in the new year and of course we will let you know as an when we have the details!


We are going to be recording again at the fantastic CALDER RECORDINGS IN Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, it will be overseen by the genius that is STEVE FENTON. If you’re not familar with the names, its the same place where we recorded `CONSIDER THIS`. Its such a great facility with quality engineers and equipment, we cant wait to get going!

The songs we are recording are two of our classics which are `NORTHERN REIGN` AND `HIGH SOCIETY`, also there will be two brand spanking new songs previously unheard, first there is the fast rocky song `RISE AGAIN`, with its fast thumping drums and its driving guitar and synth riffs, its going to sound massive!! Then there is `NOTEBOOK`, which is totally the opposite of `rise again`, a much slower but anthemic song featuring some fine piano and strings!

We cant wait to get the songs out for you to hear and we are very excited about the new songs!


The video to `STOMP` is pretty much complete and this will be released in December, we will let you know the date in due course but in the mean time the song is available for download via iTunes and Amazon!

That’s all for now but we will be blogging and videoing from the studio which we will post for you to see.

Speak soon
Catch the groove