Happy New Year from Kascarade

Hello everybody, it’s that time of year again, time for fireworks, alcohol and for everyone to join hands and sing in the new year!

Anybody who knows us and follows hears about what we do, it has been a relatively busy year for us and there is much to summarise…..  But I’m not going to!  I’m writing this blog basically to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We also want to mention and thank you, a list of people who have helped us in some way or another.  So here goes in no particular order:


To all the promoters who have had us play a their venues, thanks to Steve ‘Hammy’ Hamilton.  Andrew Sugden and Dennis Heaton at the Yorkshire Gig Guide.  Thanks, to the radio stations who have played our music, BCB radio, Steven Browne, Alan Raw and the staff at BBC Radio Leeds, thanks to Dawn Moonan and Jonathon L from Lopsided Radio for plugging us this year and also for featuring us on forthcoming shows early in 2014.  Also thanks to Bill Horncastle at the Foxes Den Radio.

Thanks to our special followers Adele Opie, Simone Schmitz and April Steele (dedication).

Big thanks to everyone who has been down to one of our shows.  Thanks to our good friends Scars on 45 for your help and advice.  Thanks to Mark ‘The Harp’ Hudson for playing live with us and being our friend.  Thanks to Richard Payne at In The Scene Media for all your hard work.  Thanks to ITV and wall to wall media.

Thanks to all the great bands and artists we have played with both signed and unsigned, thanks to Danny and Phil from Audio Republic.  Thanks to Matt Dunwell from City of Lights.  Thanks to Harry Hard.

Thanks to Calder Recordings and all the staff, Steve Fenton, Laurence Tiffany, Steven Taylor and Callum.

Thanks to all our wives and girlfriends.

We also want to say an extra special thanks to Mark Prentice and Arkoni Sheet Metal who this year have supported us tremendously.

Massive thanks to our manager, brains of the outfit and good friend Ian (P13 Digital Media), who has worked tirelessly (often through the night) on our videos and website to make them all as great as they are and sometimes goes unnoticed.

Last but not least and most importantly, thank you to everyone who has bought, downloaded our music and watched all our videos.  Thanks for all the plugs shares and re-Tweets we appreciate every single interaction with you.

That’s all for now.

We will see you in the New Year with some new releases and a NEW ALBUM!

We wish you a happy, safe and prosperous new year.
All the best

Kascarade X