Help save Yorkshire music heritage from the bulldozers

For a change we’ll start with a quick history lesson, on Saturday 2nd February 1963 the Beatles were playing, as a support act, in West Yorkshire, in fact in the heart of Bradford City centre, in the Gaumont (commonly referred to as the Odeon these days). By the end of 1963 and again in 1964 the Beatles returned this time headlining sell-out gigs.

The very building where the Beatles and for that matter the Rolling Stones also played, has a very uncertain future, that without a successful bid could see it bulldozed.

Whilst the region has a number of impressive music venues, few have the history and distinctive physical presence the Odeon has.

A bid to save the building has been prepared by Bradford One to create a modern, well-equipped auditorium for mid-scale touring live acts, a venue to compliment rather than compete head to head with the offering in Leeds.  Bradford One have assured us upcoming local bands will be actively sought for support slots.

Kascarade recently played a gig at Bradford’s City Park in support of the Odeon and have a song called Quebec Street written with the building’s fate in mind (we’ll add this soon to our YouTube channel).

If you’d like to support the idea of boosting Yorkshire’s live music offering whilst simultaneously saving a potentially magnificent building from the bulldozers then please spend £3 to buy a share in Bradford One by clicking here.

Kascarade say “YES” to this:
The Odeon

And “NO Sir not on your nellie” to this:
Wrecking Ball