Kascarade – So what are we up to at the moment?

Welcome to our brand spanking new website. Hope you like it!

I would like to open by thanking our media manager Ian aka P13 Digital Media for all his extremely hard work, launching this new website!

If you’re one of our regular followers you’re probably wondering what we have been up to and where the Hell have we been, we haven`t played live for a short while!

Right so here’s what we have been up to since our last gig at the Leeds Underground Festival supporting Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets)…

We have recorded and released the video to `Cover me Over`, hopefully you have seen that, if not go to our very own channel and check it out.

As stated in our last blog, which was blogged by Luke we have been hidden away rehearsing and working on the next lot of recordings for us, which will feature new material.

Now unfortunately, I (Golden-Drummer) have been out with a long term back injury which has seen me resting and drugged up to the eyeballs for the last 6 weeks, this was with legal drugs may I add!!  The good news is that I’m all good again and looking forward to working on the new material.

In recent weeks filming for our next video `Stomp` has been underway and the final shots have been taken, this is now in production and will be released in December, this video along with all our other videos will feature at our showcase gig at Factory Street!!  This song is also available for download via iTunes or Amazon here.  It’s also on other services such as Spotify and Xbox Music.

You’re probably thinking by now, so when are you gigging next?!?!

Fear not we have some dates which are on the `Tour news` section of our website, so please be sure to check them out!  Due to Golden having been ill for some time the Factory Street gig unfortunately had to be cancelled, this is with real regret.

On Friday 18th January at Leeds Cockpit we are supporting City of Lights.  For full details or to buy tickets go to `tour news`.

That’s about all for us now, we have lots of work to do tonight at Kascarade HQ!!

Catch the Groove
Golden x