Kascarade’s music on Lopsided World of L

Jonathan L

Dawn Moonan, a fan of Kascarade, was kind enough to put us in touch with Jonathan Leigh Rosen (better known by his radio handle Jonathan L). Jonathan has a long career championing independent rock music, originally in the United States, but these days from Berlin, Germany.

Jonathan’s “Lopsided World of L” radio show is initially broadcast in Los Angeles and Berlin, then syndicated to other cities in Europe and the US, the show has aired for the last 9 years.

Jonathan has taken his time to listen to a number of Kascarade’s songs and we’ve had some great feedback, so far High Society was played on November 9th 2013, with Notebook, Northern Reign and possibly Way of the World (acoustic version) making it into the January 2014 shows.

Notebook features on the 1st show of 2014, which is a special edition of new artists called “You Discovered Me-I Discovered You.”

JANUARY 4th (2014): Notebook
JANUARY 11th (2014): Northern Reign

Find out more here: http://jonathanlradio.blogspot.co.uk/

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