Rise Again on Lopsided World of L international radio show

Jonathan L

It’s been such a busy year with writing, rehearsing and recording that it feels like we’re only just into 2014 yet we’re over half way through the year.  A number of Kascarade songs were played last year and early this year on Jonathan L’s radio show, called the “Lopsided World of L” which is played via internet radio stations across Europe and America each week.

From Friday the 11th of July until Sunday you’ll be able to hear “Rise Again” on the show along with a truly international mix of rock tracks, the track list for the show is as follows:

*Nightbox “Burning” (Canada/Ireland)
*Borghesia “We Don’t Believe You” (Slovenia/Croatia)
*The Art Of Amputation “Losing The Limb” (London)
*Phildel “Celestial” (London)
*KAV “Dance In A Panic” (United Kingdom)
*Blackbird Blackbird “Tangerine Sky” (San Francisco)
*The Hertz Complex “The Boxer Rebellion” (London)
*Teleman “Steam Train Girl” (London)
*Tom Vek “Sherman (Animals In The Jungle” (London)
*Peter Kernal “High Fever” (Switzerland/Canada)
Ali Ingle “A Life Unlike Yours” (Liverpool) (replay)
*The Echo Theory “Perfect As Me” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Diamond Version f/Leslie Winer “This Blank…”(Germany)
*Everything Goes Cold “Henchman Follows Hand” (S.F.)
*Kascarade f/Julie E Gordon “Rise Again” (Bradford, U.K.)
*Bright Light Bright Light f/Elton John “I Wish…” (London)
*Jenny Lewis “Just One Of The Guys” (Los Angeles)
*Plastikman “EXtend” (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
*Rob Decoup “Rays Of Sun” (Vienna/N.Y.C.)
*Little Dragon “Pretty Girls” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Laurie Shaw “Sun Shadows” (Cork, Ireland)
*FraZic “Stay Today Gone 2morrow” (Stuttgart, Germany)
*Latimer House “Birdcage Walk” (Prague/London)
Villiers “The Dancer” (Lancashire, U.K.) (replay)
*Vaniish “Kaleidoscoped” (San Francisco)
*Deathstars “Explode” (Sweden)
*Freddie And The Filos “Stay True” (Seville, Spain)

*Denotes first time song airs on show

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