Rise Again – Release Date Announced

rise again release

The video for “Rise Again” has been completed and will be uploaded for release on YouTube as of this Saturday, the 21st of June along with the single release on iTunes and other digital channels, including Amazon, Xbox Music, Spotify and many more.

“Rise Again” is a traditional pop/rock song with a driving drum track and distorted triumphant guitar riffs along with sharp melodic organ sounds, the song is an urgent call to get on with living, a message that states that “what’s been has gone” and all we have is the “here and now” so get up and start again!

With a semi-narrative, laid back vocal delivery by lead singer Maf Milnes backed up by the urgent and soulful tones of Julie E Gordon the song takes the listener on a journey from the dark to the light.

Julie E Gordon amongst her career achievements performed on the album “Uncle Dysfunctional” for the Happy Mondays and she currently features on the Kino Club’s new single “Tear it Apart” which has been well received.

“Rise Again” was recorded at Calder Recordings and mixed by Steve Fenton. A dance remix by producer Harry Hard is due for release later this summer.