Sacking in Soundcloud and here are the reasons why

In the post iTunes era, more than ever bands need to fill the gaps record companies and financial backers alone would once meet, that of marketing and engaging fans.

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and maintaining a website plus Soundcloud on top it means the time of the band is already spread thin along with the main focus which should always be, getting music rehearsed, recorded and then made available.

With any of the internet channels, you only get out, what you put in, our focus has been on YouTube (which is now the primary means young people access music), we found as a result we just couldn’t dedicate the time needed to properly push and maintain Soundcloud.

There’s also a problem with Soundcloud in that, even where bands put music out as stream only, it can be downloaded in seconds (at a fairly decent quality) using a number of websites on the internet, this undermines the faith in the service as bands need to be able to sell music to fund making more.

To properly record and have an album produced costs many thousands of pounds, before you even add in a myriad of other costs, every penny from our gigs and music sales goes 100% back into recording more material so even the smallest amount of music piracy hits us really hard.

The truth is, without too much effort just about any digital form can be easily ripped and distributed illegally, so it’s not just a Soundcloud fault alone, all we can really do, is price our music fairly and do our utmost to engage fans, which we do via Twitter especially.