Studio Update


Greetings to you and thanks for checking out this latest blog!! It is appreciated!!

Maf Kascarade here, its my first blog for our new and updated website, hope your enjoying what you’ve seen so far!! There’s going to be much more news, updates & particularly new music coming very sooooooooooon!! And that’s exactly the reason why I’ve dropped in to write this short piece.

Were currently at the lovely Calder Recordings on the hills of the calder valley here in West Yorkshire. Has I write this, Adam Kascarade is in the live room knocking out his Bass licks!! The man loves to groove and we’ve got four brand new tunes coming up that will make you wanna do just that too!!

Its day three of our 5 day stint here and Golden Kascarade just finished off his beats, so he’s been a very busy bee these last few days which is great for the rest of us has we’ve just entertained ourselves with dvd’s, banter, and of course some lovely food, rinsed down with some trusty cups of Yorkshire tea!!

Anyway, me and the boys are really confident with the songs at the moment, we’ve been working hard to get this new set of tunes ready and we believe that they are amongst the best batch we have ever written, so can’t wait to get them down and ready for release in the new year! We might even give you some sound clips has a big thank you for your support, summat for the Xmas disco also!!

In the meantime please come back and visit us soon, we will let you know what were up to here in the studio has and when, and keep yer eyes wide for some new photos and vids too, keep smiling!!

Catch the groove -Cheers folks, Maf x