This weekend Lopsided World of L is playing “When the lights are low”

Jonathan L

The international radio show, Lopsided World of L, is playing amongst the set-list this weekend, Kascarade’s “When the lights are low” which is our latest single release. If you miss the track on the radio show you can hear it for free on Spotify or download it to keep via iTunes, but if you can listen to the show then do so as there’s plenty of new music that you will miss otherwise.

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This week the show features:

*Denotes first time song airs on show

*Owl “Destroyer” (Los Angeles)
*Cymbals “The 5%” (London)
*Kosoti “Bark And Sticks” (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Cold Specks “Bodies At Bay” (Canada)
*Cazzette “Sleepless” (new ver.) Stockholm, Sweden)
*(hed) Pe “Nowhere 2 Go” (Los Angeles)
*Kate Tempest “The Beigeness” (South East London)
*Black Carl “Phantom Limb” (Tempe, AZ)
*The Tricks “Gilgamesh” (London)
*The Slow Readers Club “Start Again” (Manchester)
*Vlad In Tears “Feed On Me” (Berlin, Germany)
*Maybeshewill “In Amber” (Leicester, U.K.)
*Klangkarussell “Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)” (Austria)
*Gold Dust Lounge “Sidewinder” (Miami, Florida)
*The Sunday Reeds “Make Her Jealous” (Melbourne, AU)
*TopXY05 “Jilt” (Nigeria)
*Blacklist Royals “Righteous Child” (Nashville)
*Samuel L Cool J “Killing Me” (Phoenix/Los Angeles)
*Amy Lynn & The Gun Show “West Village Blues” (N.Y.C.)
*Calliko f/ Wiz Khalifa “Wings” (Chicago)
*RNVP f/Shifty/Crazytown “Let The House Rock” (Austria)
*The Rural Alberta Advantage “Terrified” (Toronto)
*Kascarade “Lights Are Low” (Bradford, England)
*El May “Thrills” (Sydney, Australia)
*Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers “Rock and…” (Tempe, AZ)
*Teenage Wildlife “The Last Great Love Affair” (Shoreditch)
*Sulu Babylon “Children Of Sailors” (Goole, Hull U.K.)
*Sonic Hearts Foundation “Afterlife” (Glasgow, Scotland)